Dittberner Terrazzo TilesDITTBERNER'S RANGE

DITTBERNER’S Range of terrazzo tiles and a full range of accessories are available in a comprehensive range of attractive colours in either FIRMGRIP or APIAN (SMOOTH GROUND) SURFACE FINISHES.

This tile range is manufactured using extremely hard and long lasting aggregates and semiprecious stone chips and excludes traditional marble chips. The result is a tile with a very dense, hard wearing surface with reasonable resistance to acid and alkali attack.


Terrazzo tiles are used primarily in applications where elegant floor finishes are required, which with a minimum of maintenance, provides a long term solution to areas subject to continuous heavy wear, Suitable for home, commerce, industry, swimming pool coping tiles and pool surrounds etc.


The full colour range of tiles, in both FIRMGRIP and APIAN finishes are available in a number of patterns, grooved or non-grooved. If the quantity warrants, special colours to suit client’s requirements, can be made to order.


The dimensions of our tiles are 228mm X 228mm X 17mm and are manufactured and thicknessed to very close tolerances thus simplifying and speeding up the laying process, resulting in a cost effective saving on tile laying. This accuracy also allows the tiles to be butt jointed in dry areas if required, resulting in a saving on grouting.


All products leaving the factory are shipped palletized. The important pallet capacities to remember are as follows:
Tiles – 500off (1000kg) per pallet (19tiles/m2).
Step Tiles – 150off per pallet (750kg).
Other Accessories – Max per Pallet Assume 1000kg.